The need for the industry and society

It is time to take a conscious effort to improve the environment, and water which is one of the scarcest elements must be protected.

The companies that are related to the water industry and governments are all looking at ways to keep this precious resources sustainable. After all, the key is sustainability. Meeting the challenges of increasing growth without destroying and depleting the environment of its natural resources, sustainable development is crucial.

Water scarcity and water pollution are crucial issues in today’s world. Sustainable water management requires working and understanding the value chain of water.

Vishwaraj Infrastructure Limited (VIL), a water management firm, head by Mr Arun Lakhani, has been a frontrunner in Urban Water reforms in India. Over the years the firm has been implementing both urban water efficiency improvement projects and municipal wastewater reuse projects. With a specific focus on integrating and providing tailored solutions for urban infrastructure to support sustainable urban development, the Nagpur-based company is championing the way towards sustainable urban water management.

Through privatisation, significant risk is transferred from the government to the private sector. Apart from bridging the deficit in financing of public projects, privatisation also brings new and cost effective technology for creation of infrastructure, managerial efficiency, competency for operation and maintenance and the contractual accountability on the private party to ensure timely and quality infrastructure service to the end users.

Water which is consumed by everyone and every living thing depends on it. However, as a resource which needs to be preserved, water management needs accountability. Sadly, the Government lacks the financial and technical resources to implement complex infrastructure projects.

As in the past, government systems have not been able to deliver the desired level of services to the citizens. With private intervention, not only will there be accountability, but also the much needed cash. Even more relevantly, there shall be an added increment to bring about innovation.

All of this can only be achieved through trust and faith in the private sector. Currently, unnecessary and unsubstantiated accusations are being faced by the industry. VIL which is known for its CSR work and its innovation solutions to water-related projects, uses a very different PPP model. Here, the firm has added a fourth P, one which symbolises that people and meant for public good.

VIL provides global solutions that contribute to sustainable development in the water sector through innovation in the design, construction and operation of drinking water treatment plants, distribution system reforms, etc. The Company has executed or in execution projects worth approximately Rs 27,500 million across the three sectors primarily through PPP contracting and few through EPC route.